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Rank Boost from 2800 to 4800
Approximate completion time: 4 days
Live Streaming (+15%)
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 $73.00  $65.70 

Will the booster play my preferred Legends?

Yes, we offer an option for you to specify which Legend(s) you want your booster to play. Just order with the option selected and you will be able to set your preferences on your order page. You need to provide at least 2, so that your booster can play your 2nd choice in the event that a squadmate picks your 1st choice.

Will the booster appear offline while playing?

This is a given, and most boosters play while appearing offline. If you have further instructions or preferences, you can let us know on your order page once you have ordered. We understand that most customers look for privacy and a discreet service when purchasing from us, and we will do our best to provide just that.

How long will my order take to complete?

It depends on the size of your order, but we generally start within the hour and aim to finish all orders within 12 hours of purchase. If you would like a more accurate estimation, feel free to contact us on live chat to tell us your intended order and we can let you know how long it would take to complete such an order.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who would be playing on my account, or with me?

All our Apex Legends boosters are hired after a stringent vetting process. They are all ranked in Apex Predator and boast incredible K/D ratios and win rates.

2. I don't want to give access to my account, can we still do this?

Of course! We offer a "self-play" add-on with our ranked and win boosting services. You can play from your own account and group up with our boosters if you select this option. However, for kills and achievements boosting, we will need access to your account to do that.

3. Is my Origin account safe in your hands?

Most definitely. Our boosters have been working with us for years, and have very strict instructions to look out for our customers' account security and privacy. Their only job is to login to your account, complete your ordered tasks and then get off.

4. How do you handle refunds?

We will cancel and refund any order as long as you ask for it, and as long as we have not completed it. For more information regarding this, please take a look at our refund policy page.

5. How long will my order take to complete?

We generally finish any order within 12 hours from purchase. Take note that this is a rough estimate, and large orders might take longer to finish.

6. Ok, I've made payment. What now?

After your payment goes through, you will be redirected back to our site and to your order page where you can fill up any information required to start on your boosting order. To get an idea of what this order page looks like, check out this demo page.

7. Can I request for only certain Legends to be played on my account?

Yes, absolutely. We understand that many of our customers want to bump the stats on their main Legend, or simply avoid suspicions from friends. If you purchase with the Legends preferences option, we will make sure we find someone who only plays your preferred Legends while on your account.

8. What if I don't like my booster?

If you are having any trouble with you booster, please get in touch with us on customer support and we will assign someone else to your order, and additionally see what else we can do for you.

9. Can I watch while the booster plays on my account?

Yes, you can. We offer an added streaming option for our customers who like watching their account being worked on. Just make your order with the streaming option selected and your assigned booster will setup a private stream just for you.

Why Apex Legends boosting, and Sky Boosting?

At Sky Boosting, we offer our Apex Legends boosting service to all who need it. We understand that different players have different levels of commitment to the game, and some might not have the patience or time to grind out all the ranked and season rewards. Think about all the time, stress and frustration you’re saving by purchasing an Apex Legends boost with us today! Along with all the cosmetics, gun skins and exclusive season loot you would be getting!